Dockerized Getdns' Stubby with Quad9 resolver
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This Dockerfile is based on the blog post by Stéphan Bortzmeyer Quad9, un résolveur DNS public, et avec sécurité

The image is based on a Debian Stretch base image, what you get is a compiled-from-source Getdns Stubby and the provided stubby.xml gets you DNS over TLS via Quad9 on ::1 tcp port 8053 as per Stéphan Bortzmeyer post. Please note that if you plan to deploy on a boot2docker docker-machine, or a host that only supports IPv4 networking, you have to change listen address in stubby.xml accordingly and rebuild the image.

This image will not get you a caching dns, just the dns over tls via Quad9 with Stubby.

build the image

docker build -t getdns-stubby .

run the container

docker run -it -d --net=host getdns-stubby

run with your own stubby config

You can of course change the included config file and write your own from scratch, to test Stubby with your own configuration. You are not limited to Quad9.

Official Getdns Dockerfile

Getdns includes an official and more complete Dockerfile maintained by Melinda Shore