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2011-01-27 -- 0.9.0
* first gem release
2011-01-27 -- 0.9.1
* allow cuke4php to accept a feature filename instead of a path name so users can run just one feature file at a time
2011-01-27 -- 0.9.2
* fix a bug preventing use by just passing a directory name
* trap and handle php errors, convert them to exceptions and then let them bubble up as usual.
* use magic setters and getters to allow assignment and retrieval of properties on steps
* implement step argument transformations
2011-03-23 -- 0.9.3
* utilizes cucumber 0.10.2's ability to use erb templates in .wire files to listen to a specific port
* release 0.9.3
* modify cuke4php runner script to dynamically pick an unused port
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