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This document details all the possible changes that you should investigate when
updating your project from Doctrine Common 2.1 to 2.2:
## Annotation Changes
- AnnotationReader::setIgnoreNotImportedAnnotations has been removed, you need to
add ignore annotation names which are supposed to be ignored via
- AnnotationReader::setAutoloadAnnotations was deprecated by the AnnotationRegistry
in 2.1 and has been removed in 2.2
- AnnotationReader::setEnableParsePhpImports was added to ease transition to the new
annotation mechanism in 2.1 and is removed in 2.2
- AnnotationReader::isParsePhpImportsEnabled is removed (see above)
- AnnotationReader::setDefaultAnnotationNamespace was deprecated in favor of explicit
configuration in 2.1 and will be removed in 2.2 (for isolated projects where you
have full-control over _all_ available annotations, we offer a dedicated reader
class ``SimpleAnnotationReader``)
- AnnotationReader::setAnnotationCreationFunction was deprecated in 2.1 and will be
removed in 2.2. We only offer two creation mechanisms which cannot be changed
anymore to allow the same reader instance to work with all annotations regardless
of which library they are coming from.
- AnnotationReader::setAnnotationNamespaceAlias was deprecated in 2.1 and will be
removed in 2.2 (see setDefaultAnnotationNamespace)
- If you use a class as annotation which has not the @Annotation marker in it's
class block, we will now throw an exception instead of silently ignoring it. You
can however still achieve the previous behavior using the @IgnoreAnnotation, or
AnnotationReader::addGlobalIgnoredName (the exception message will contain detailed
instructions when you run into this problem).
## Cache Changes
- Renamed old AbstractCache to CacheProvider
- Dropped the support to the following functions of all cache providers:
- CacheProvider::deleteByWildcard
- CacheProvider::deleteByRegEx
- CacheProvider::deleteByPrefix
- CacheProvider::deleteBySuffix
- CacheProvider::deleteAll will not remove ALL entries, it will only mark them as invalid
- CacheProvider::flushAll will remove ALL entries, namespaced or not
- Added support to MemcachedCache
- Added support to WincacheCache
## ClassLoader Changes
- ClassLoader::fileExistsInIncludePath() no longer exists. Use the native stream_resolve_include_path() PHP function