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@@ -100,27 +100,27 @@ Convert LadyPHP from string to PHP code.
### Lady::parseFile()
- Lady::parseFile(string $file, string $cacheFile = null, int $shrink = self::PRESERVE)`
+ Lady::parseFile(string $file, string $cacheFile = null, int $shrink = self::PRESERVE)
Convert LadyPHP from file to PHP code.
### Lady::includeFile()
- Lady::includeFile(string $file, string $cacheFile = null, int $shrink = self::PRESERVE)`
+ Lady::includeFile(string $file, string $cacheFile = null, int $shrink = self::PRESERVE)
If `cacheFile` is null, convert LadyPHP from file and execute output.
If `cacheFile` is set, then check if `cacheFile` if newer then `file`. If it's older, parse `file` and save output to `cacheFile`. Then include `cacheFile`.
### Lady::testFile()
- Lady::testFile(string $file, int $shrink = self::PRESERVE)`
+ Lady::testFile(string $file, int $shrink = self::PRESERVE)
Parse file and show input and output as html.
### Lady::compress()
- Lady::compress(string $php)`
+ Lady::compress(string $php)
Helper function to remove whitespaces from PHP code.

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