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Default X11 factory methods
These are used to create the Npapi plugin type and
the PluginWindow type on x11 (*nix); if you want to extend
these classses, do so and update these functions to
instantiate the correct types.
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include "NpapiPlugin.h"
#include "X11/PluginWindowX11.h"
#include "X11/NpapiPluginX11.h"
FB::Npapi::NpapiPlugin *_getNpapiPlugin(FB::Npapi::NpapiBrowserHost *host)
return new FB::Npapi::NpapiPluginX11(host);
FB::PluginWindowX11 *_createPluginWindow(GdkNativeWindow win)
return new FB::PluginWindowX11(win);