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Welcome to the linphone-js wiki!

Linphone-js is browser plugin (based on FireBreath ) which provider linphone core api to JavaScript, and make thus possible to implement VoIP client in html+css+javascript.

Thanks to FireBreath, it should be platform and browser independent (should work in all browsers that support NPAPI and also ActiveX in Internet Explorer).

There comes also sample implementations in javascript with linphone-js, which you can use as is, or integrate it to your web page. It is supposed to be integrated in web based information systems or on company’s intranet. Therefore, the ERP system can use advantages of directly dialing calls or showing info on incoming calls.

This is my first project so it won’t look good nor professional. It’s still in early development stage and it’s behavior can be changed any time.
You can join the discussion group to ask questions, or just send me an email.