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Auto-generated linphoneAPI.h
#include <string>
#include <sstream>
#include <boost/weak_ptr.hpp>
#include "JSAPIAuto.h"
#include "BrowserHost.h"
#include "linphone.h"
#include "types.h"
#include <linphonecore.h>
#include "private.h" /*coreapi/private.h, needed for LINPHONE_VERSION */
#ifndef H_linphoneAPI
#define H_linphoneAPI
#define Lo_ if(!lin) throw FB::script_error("Linphone has not been initialized yet"); Lock lck(&mutex, NULL);
class linphoneAPI : public FB::JSAPIAuto
linphoneAPI(const linphonePtr& plugin, const FB::BrowserHostPtr& host);
virtual ~linphoneAPI();
linphonePtr getPlugin();
// Exported methods
bool call_init(void);
bool call_start(void);
bool call_quit(void);
void call_addAuthInfo(std::string username, std::string realm, std::string password);
void call_addProxy(std::string proxy, std::string identity);
bool call_accept(void);
bool call_terminate(void);
FB::JSAPIPtr call_call(std::string uri);
void call_disableLogs(void);
void call_enableLogs(std::string);
void call_enableStun(std::string);
void call_embedVideo(void);
void call_embedVideoPreview(void);
void call_setResolution(int, int);
void call_setResolutionByName(std::string);
// Properties methods
bool get_running(void);
bool get_registered(void);
FB::JSAPIPtr get_sample(void);
std::string get_logging(void);
bool get_inCall(void) { Lo_; return linphone_core_in_call(lin); }
bool get_videoEnabled(void) { Lo_; return linphone_core_video_enabled(lin); }
void set_videoEnabled(bool x) { Lo_; linphone_core_enable_video(lin, x, x); }
bool get_videoPreviewEnabled(void) { Lo_; return linphone_core_video_preview_enabled(lin); }
void set_videoPreviewEnabled(bool x) { Lo_; linphone_core_enable_video_preview(lin, x); }
unsigned long get_videoNativeId(void) { Lo_; return linphone_core_get_native_video_window_id(lin); }
void set_videoNativeId(unsigned long x) { Lo_; linphone_core_set_native_video_window_id(lin, x); }
unsigned long get_videoPreviewNativeId(void) { Lo_; return linphone_core_get_native_preview_window_id(lin); }
void set_videoPreviewNativeId(unsigned long x) { Lo_; linphone_core_set_native_preview_window_id(lin, x); }
boost::optional<FB::JSAPIPtr> get_actualCall(void);
bool get_autoAccept(void) { return _autoAccept; }
void set_autoAccept(bool x) { _autoAccept = x; }
FB::VariantMap get_videoSize(void);
FB::VariantMap get_resolutions(void);
std::string get_videoFilterName(void);
unsigned long get_pluginWindowId(void);
void lock() { pthread_mutex_lock(&mutex); }
void unlock() { pthread_mutex_unlock(&mutex); }
void iterate() { if(lin) linphone_core_iterate(lin); }
void iterateWithMutex() { lock(); iterate(); unlock(); }
// Event helpers
FB_JSAPI_EVENT(globalStateChanged, 2, (const int, const std::string)); // int state, string msg
FB_JSAPI_EVENT(callStateChanged, 3, (FB::JSAPIPtr, const int, const std::string)); // CallAPI call, int state, string msg
FB_JSAPI_EVENT(registrationStateChanged, 2, (const int, const std::string)); // (ProxyAPI call,) int state, string msg
FB_JSAPI_EVENT(authInfoRequested, 2, (std::string, std::string)); // string realm, string username
FB_JSAPI_EVENT(windowAttached, 1, (unsigned long)); // id
// Callbacks from linphone core
void lcb_global_state_changed(LinphoneGlobalState gstate, const char *msg);
void lcb_call_state_changed(LinphoneCall *call, LinphoneCallState cstate, const char *message);
void lcb_registration_state_changed(LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg, LinphoneRegistrationState cstate, const char *message);
void lcb_auth_info_requested(const char *realm, const char *username);
// Internal
FB::JSAPIPtr _add_call(LinphoneCall *call);
void addAuthInfo(std::string username, std::string realm, std::string password);
void addProxy(std::string proxy, std::string identity);
void embedVideo(void);
void embedVideoPreview(void);
void _fire_windowAttached(unsigned long id) { fire_windowAttached(id); } // just call protected method
void _windiw_detached(unsigned long id) {
// Disable video when window get's detached
if(!lin) return;
linphone_core_enable_video(lin, 0, 0);
linphone_core_enable_video_preview(lin, 0);
linphoneWeakPtr m_plugin;
FB::BrowserHostPtr m_host;
LinphoneCore *lin; // Linphone core object
LinphoneCoreVTable lin_vtable; // Linphone callback methods table
pthread_mutex_t mutex; // Mutex for serializing core calls
bool no_locks_now;
ortp_thread_t iterate_thread; // Iterate thread
std::string _logging;
FILE *_logging_fp;
FB::JSAPIPtr _sample;
std::map<unsigned long, CallAPIPtr > _call_list; // We handle referenced calls here
unsigned long _call_list_counter;
bool _autoAccept;
bool _isQuitting;
bool iterate_thread_running; // Indicate, when should iterate thread stop
static void stub () {}
static void* iterate_thread_main(void *p); // Main function for iterate thread
#endif // H_linphoneAPI
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