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#include "lock.h"
#define IN_LINPHONE // This is a dirty hack for linphone to include files from actal
// directory and not from system header location, and thus we dont need to install it and mess with the system
#include <linphonecore.h>
#include "private.h" /*coreapi/private.h, needed for LINPHONE_VERSION */
// Core
class linphone;
class linphoneAPI;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<linphoneAPI> linphoneAPIPtr;
typedef boost::weak_ptr<linphoneAPI> linphoneAPIWeakPtr;
// Call
class CallAPI;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<CallAPI> CallAPIPtr;
typedef boost::weak_ptr<CallAPI> CallAPIWeakPtr;
// Address
class AddressAPI;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<AddressAPI> AddressAPIPtr;
typedef boost::weak_ptr<AddressAPI> AddressAPIWeakPtr;
// Sample
class SampleAPI;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<SampleAPI> SampleAPIPtr;
typedef boost::weak_ptr<SampleAPI> SampleAPIWeakPtr;