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Linphone-JS is a browser plugin which makes it possible to implement VoIP phone in a browser, using HTML+CSS+JavaScript for User Interface. It doesn't have any UI itself, just provides JavaScript API. HTML UI is not part of this project, however example web page is provided.

Disclaimer: This project is not officially supported by Linphone.

Linphone-JS is written in C++, building on FireBreath project, which is a framework for building browser plugins. Linphone-JS stands on top of Linphone core API, which is an opensource library providing C API and can be used in to make custom VoIP software. Linphone project also provides Gnome GUI, command line interface, iPhone and Android app, which are all build on top of_ Linphone core API_. Linphone-JS aims to provide as much as possible from Linphone core API while making it more friendly for JavaScript developers by introducing object oriented interface and making most common task easier.

See Tutorial, Examples and API sections. If you want to avoid troubles, have a look at Gotchas as well.