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Nette Sandbox with addons

This is an experiment which evaluates how easy/hard it is to add addons to a sample Nette project. Please join the discussion.


This is a sandbox/skeleton, from which you can start your projects with Nette Addons. It has the basic code needed to run them.

We try to simplyfy addon instalation by automatig as many steps as possible. Previously, you would have to download the addon, extract it to correct place, copy assets to www directory and register the addon in several places of your app. Now, with Composer's help, all those steps will be automated for you. All you need is just to write down the addon name into composer.json, section require (like all other dependencies).

How it works?

Supported Nette Addons are configured to type=nette-addon in composer.json file and Nette related info in section extra. Here is an example of such addon.

Custom installer copies the addon section from composer.json to app/config/addons.neon file which is then processed by the app. For more details, see nette/addon-installer which does half of the hard work.

Try it yourself

Clone and run this project:

git clone git:// sandbox
cd sandbox/
chmod 0777 temp log
mkdir -m0777 www/temp
composer install

Now the sandbox should work, try it in your browser. To add an Addon, edit composer.json and add the addon. Example:

    "require": {
        "php": ">= 5.3.0",
        "nette/nette": "2.0.*",
        "JanMarek/WebLoader": "dev-juznovo",
        "juzna/nette-visual-paginator": "@dev"

Run composer update to download newly configured dependencies. nette/addon-installer should handle all the hard work with setting up your addons and making them ready for you.


There is common place for issues in the nette/addon-installer repository.

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