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namespace Echo511\Plupload\Components\Libs;
* This file is a part of Plupload component for Nette Framework.
* @author Nikolas Tsiongas
* @package Plupload component
* @license New BSD License
class Libs extends \Nette\Application\UI\Control
// Where js etc. will be stored for browser to load (WWW_DIR)
private $tempLibsDir;
// Array of already loaded Js (uses paths relative to tempLibsDir)
public $loadedJs = array();
// Array of already loaded Css (uses paths relative to tempLibsDir)
public $loadedCss = array();
/*********** Setters ***********/
public function setTempLibsDir($tempLibsDir)
$this->tempLibsDir = $tempLibsDir;
return $this;
/*********** Magic loading ***********/
public function registerJs($shortPath)
if(!in_array($shortPath, $this->loadedJs)) {
$this->loadedJs[] = $shortPath;
$string = '<script type="text/javascript" src="'.$this->tempLibsDir.$shortPath.'"></script>';
return $string;
public function registerCss($shortPath)
if(!in_array($shortPath, $this->loadedJs)) {
$this->loadedJs[] = $shortPath;
return '<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="'.$this->tempLibsDir.$shortPath.'" />';
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