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* @version $Id: template.phtml 2 2009-07-13 20:58:52Z $
* @param Paginator $paginator
* @param array $steps
{if $paginator->pageCount > 1}
<div class="paginator">
{if $paginator->isFirst()}
<span class="button">« Previous</span>
<a href="{link this, 'page' => $paginator->page - 1}">« Previous</a>
{foreach $steps as $step}
{if $step == $paginator->page}
<span class="current">{$step}</span>
<a href="{link this, 'page' => $step}">{$step}</a>
{if $iterator->nextValue > $step + 1}<span>…</span>{/if}
{if $paginator->isLast()}
<span class="button">Next »</span>
<a href="{link this, 'page' => $paginator->page + 1}">Next »</a>
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