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{ "name": "node-xmpp"
,"version": "0.2.9"
,"main": "./lib/xmpp"
,"description": "Idiomatic XMPP client, component & server library for node.js"
,"author": "Stephan Maka"
,"dependencies": {"node-expat": ">=1.3.1"
,"ltx": ">= 0.0.4"
,"repositories": [{"type": "git"
,"path": "git://"
,"homepage": ""
,"bugs": ""
,"maintainers": [{"name": "Astro"
,"email": ""
,"web": ""
,"contributors": ["Stephan Maka", "Derek Hammer", "Daniel Zelisko", "Michael Geers", "Nolan Darilek", "Nathan Rajlich", "Dhruv Matani", "Camilo Aguilar"]
,"licenses": [{"type": "GPLv3"}]
,"engine": "node >=0.4.0"
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