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*Enhance PHP syntax now.*
-See examples
+See examples.
+## Motivation
+PHP's syntax isn't great, there are things which may be done better. What if you could easily extend it in user-space
+(i.e. by a function written in PHP)? Start experimenting today.
+## How it works
+PHP uses *autoloading* to locate a class on disk when it it being used for the first time. *PhpEnhancer* registers a special
+autoloader, which not only locates the class on disk, but also enhances it on the fly.
+That being said, *PhpEhnancer* can enhance only classes loaded by *autoloading* mechanism and cannot do anything with those files
+loaded via *require*/*include* in PHP. That's actually not a problem, because most projects use autoloading for 99% of the classes.
+(Usually, the only exception is the *autoloader* itself being loaded manually and then it takes all the work).
+Should this be a problem, you can try adding a [php extension](
+which gets deeper into PHPs core and can hook onto anything ;)

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