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Thrift Changelog
+Version 0.6.0
+THRIFT-940 Build 'make check' fails if boost is not in the std include and link paths (Christian Lavoie)
+THRIFT-1002 C glib CodeStyle: (Anatol Pomozov)
+THRIFT-975 C glib lib/c_glib/README is missing => breaks make dist (Michael Lum)
+THRIFT-1003 C glib Polishing c_glib code (Anatol Pomozov)
+THRIFT-582 C glib C implementation of Thrift (Anatol Pomozov)
+THRIFT-992 C# Naming convention in C# constructor is not consistent with other fields causes compile errors (Roger Meier)
+THRIFT-977 C++ Hex Conversion Bug in C++ TJSONProtocol (Aravind Narayanan)
+THRIFT-922 C++ Templatized [de]serialization code for C++ (David Reiss)
+THRIFT-923 C++ Event-driven client and server support for C++ (David Reiss)
+THRIFT-925 C++ Provide name<->value map for enums in C++ (David Reiss)
+THRIFT-926 C++ Miscellaneous C++ improvements (David Reiss)
+THRIFT-928 C++ Make more statistics available in C++ servers (David Reiss)
+THRIFT-929 C++ Improvements to the C++ test suite (David Reiss)
+THRIFT-868 Compiler (General) Referencing constant values doesn't work with with typedef types (David Reiss)
+THRIFT-1006 General Impossible to correctly qualify an enum constant in an external thrift file (Bryan Duxbury)
+THRIFT-932 Haskell Haskell tests need to be run through 'make check' (and probably 'cabal check') too (Christian Lavoie)
+THRIFT-933 Haskell Haskell's Thrift.cabal has warnings (Christian Lavoie)
+THRIFT-943 Haskell Silly readme typo fix. (Christian Lavoie)
+THRIFT-944 Haskell Support all version-4s of base (Christian Lavoie)
+THRIFT-950 Haskell Haskell bindings treat 'byte' as unsigned 8-bit int (Data.Word.Word8), java/cpp as signed (byte/int8_t). (Christian Lavoie)
+THRIFT-1009 Java TUnion does not correctly deep copy a ByteBuffer (Takashi Yonebayashi)
+THRIFT-1013 Java generated java code may have name clashes with thrift library (Peter Schuller)
+THRIFT-1015 Java TUnion does not handle ByteBuffer in toString (Takashi Yonebayashi)
+THRIFT-106 Java TSSLServerSocket (Nirmal Ranganathan)
+THRIFT-377 Java TFileTransport port in Java (Joydeep Sen Sarma)
+THRIFT-745 Java Make it easier to instantiate servers (Bryan Duxbury)
+THRIFT-862 Java Async client issues / improvements (Ning Liang)
+THRIFT-903 Java custom ThreadFactory in THsHaServer (Bryan Duxbury)
+THRIFT-939 Java optional binary fields throw NPE on default byte[] getters (Bryan Duxbury)
+THRIFT-947 Java Provide a helper method to determine the TProtocol used to serialize some data. (Mathias Herberts)
+THRIFT-951 Java Add a new isServing() method to TServer (Bryan Duxbury)
+THRIFT-957 Java THsHaServer: Change access modifier of the invoker field. (Benjamin Coverston)
+THRIFT-958 Java Change accessmodifer on trans_ field in the FrameBuffer class to public. (Benjamin Coverston)
+THRIFT-959 Java TSocket seems to do its own buffering inefficiently (Bryan Duxbury)
+THRIFT-970 Java Under heavy load, THttpClient may fail with "too many open files" (Mathias Herberts)
+THRIFT-971 Java java module can't be compiled without ivy and network connection (Roger Meier)
+THRIFT-807 JavaScript JavaScript: Initialization of Base Types with 0 instead of null (Roger Meier)
+THRIFT-913 JavaScript Test Case for Url encoded strings + simple enhancement to lib/js/test/ (Roger Meier)
+THRIFT-961 JavaScript JavaScript TestSuite using ant/ivy and Java's ServerTestBase Handler (Roger Meier)
+THRIFT-1005 Java Give unions byte[] signature methods to go along with their ByteBuffer counterparts (Bryan Duxbury)
+THRIFT-1008 Java byte[] accessors throw NPE on unset field (Bryan Duxbury)
+THRIFT-517 Java TExceptions thrown by server result in cryptic error message on client - Tried to read 4 bytes, but only got 0 bytes (Bryan Duxbury)
+THRIFT-946 Java Augment FieldValueMetaData so it differentiates 'string' and 'binary' fields. (Mathias Herberts)
+THRIFT-949 Java Modify the TEnum interface so it defines a method similar to findByValue (Mathias Herberts)
+THRIFT-960 Java add TestServer, TestNonblockingServer and TestClient again (Roger Meier)
+THRIFT-969 Java Java Tutorial broken, move CalculatorHandler to a separate file (Roger Meier)
+THRIFT-71 Misc Debian packaging for thrift (Roger Meier)
+THRIFT-1020 OCaml OCaml compiler generates invalid OCaml (Richard Low)
+THRIFT-347 PHP PHP TSocket Timeout Issues (Tyler Hobbs)
+THRIFT-924 PHP Fix generated php structure constants (David Reiss)
+THRIFT-927 PHP Add option to modify the PHP include path (David Reiss)
+THRIFT-935 PHP PHP Extension aborts the build if php-config is not installed (David Reiss)
+THRIFT-941 PHP Make PHP C Extension use the defined Protocol writeMessageBegin function (Chris Goffinet)
+THRIFT-955 PHP Thrift compiler for Windows uses lowercase names and directories which is inconsistent with compiling on other platforms (Roger Meier)
+THRIFT-979 Ruby ruby bindings used to work on jruby (Jeff Hodges)
+THRIFT-581 Test Suite Add a testsuite for txThrift (Twisted) (Esteve Fernandez)
+THRIFT-1024 Tutorial Add Python Twisted example to the Tutorial (Roger Meier)
+THRIFT-893 Tutorial add JavaScript to the tutorial examples (Roger Meier)
Version 0.5.0
THRIFT-505 Build Make configure give a summary of the enabled components (David Reiss)

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