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( AXIS "splash g-code" Not intended for actual milling )
( To run this code anyway you might have to Touch Off the Z axis)
( depending on your setup. As if you had some material in your mill... )
( Hint jog the Z axis down a bit then touch off )
( Also press the Toggle Skip Lines with "/" to see that part )
( If the program is too big or small for your machine, change the scale #3 )
( LinuxCNC 19/1/2012 2:13:51 PM )
G21 G90 G64 G40
( engraving )
M3 S10000
G0 X1.75781 Y0.5
G1 F400.0 X5.95508 Y20.54297
G1 X10.07031
G1 X6.58398 Y3.84961
G1 X16.7832
G1 X16.08594 Y0.5
G1 X1.75781
G0 X18.72461
G1 F400.0 X21.75977 Y15.01953
G1 X25.68359
G1 X22.64844 Y0.5
G1 X18.72461
G0 X26.55859
G1 F400.0 X29.59375 Y15.01953
G1 X33.3125
G1 X32.92969 Y13.13281
G2 X34.16342 Y14.08624 I8.82141 J-10.13994
G2 X35.52734 Y14.8418 I4.53823 J-6.58354
G2 X38.08398 Y15.36133 I2.53506 J-5.9247
G2 X39.5966 Y15.13543 I0.06403 J-4.74845
G2 X40.90039 Y14.33594 I-1.02874 J-3.14049
G2 X41.7019 Y13.08328 I-2.33045 J-2.37388
G2 X41.93945 Y11.61523 I-4.07102 J-1.41199
G2 X41.76899 Y10.15744 I-10.17473 J0.45091
G2 X41.48828 Y8.7168 I-39.45138 J6.93932
G1 X39.7793 Y0.5
G1 X35.85547
G1 X37.57813 Y8.74414
G3 X37.79665 Y9.84001 I-62.81729 J13.09579
G3 X37.96094 Y10.94531 I-9.6524 J1.99958
G3 X37.50977 Y12.12109 I-1.54162 J0.0829
G3 X36.2793 Y12.55859 I-1.13356 J-1.23903
G3 X35.26888 Y12.33731 I0.05277 J-2.65845
G3 X34.36523 Y11.83398 I1.956 J-4.57455
G3 X32.71094 Y9.91992 I2.86418 J-4.1474
G3 X32.13267 Y8.21493 I8.76492 J-3.92328
G3 X31.72656 Y6.46094 I36.34493 J-9.33906
G1 X30.48242 Y0.5
G1 X26.55859
G0 X26.09375 Y16.98828
G1 F400.0 X22.16992
G1 X22.9082 Y20.54297
G1 X26.83203
G1 X26.09375 Y16.98828
G0 X46.14777 Y12.78778
G1 F400.0 X46.61523 Y15.01953
G1 X50.53906
G1 X48.74805 Y6.41992
G3 X48.55485 Y5.46101 I39.83359 J-8.52447
G3 X48.41992 Y4.49219 I7.34343 J-1.51652
G3 X48.88477 Y3.41211 I1.45252 J-0.01493
G3 X50.07422 Y2.96094 I1.13093 J1.18803
G3 X51.09961 Y3.15234 I-0.00663 J2.87782
G3 X52.13867 Y3.75391 I-1.85377 J4.40013
G3 X53.0957 Y4.68359 I-3.51724 J4.57812
G3 X53.88867 Y6.05078 I-4.71119 J3.64605
G3 X54.44922 Y8.10156 I-12.97687 J4.64901
G1 X55.89844 Y15.01953
G1 X59.82227
G1 X56.78711 Y0.5
G1 X53.12305
G1 X53.5332 Y2.46875
G2 X51.14513 Y0.79202 I-6.21919 J6.3187
G2 X48.29688 Y0.1582 I-2.84268 J6.05776
G2 X46.78426 Y0.3841 I-0.06403 J4.74845
G2 X45.48047 Y1.18359 I1.02874 J3.14049
G2 X44.68637 Y2.45262 I2.34744 J2.35189
G2 X44.45508 Y3.93164 I4.23866 J1.42044
G2 X44.63379 Y5.43705 I10.83187 J-0.52256
G2 X44.91992 Y6.92578 I45.15644 J-7.90718
G1 X46.14777 Y12.78778
G0 X61.99609 Y15.01953
G1 F400.0 X66.16602
G1 X68.28516 Y10.87695
G1 X71.96289 Y15.01953
G1 X76.73438
G1 X69.99414 Y7.48633
G1 X73.6582 Y0.5
G1 X69.48828
G1 X67.39648 Y4.57422
G1 X63.78711 Y0.5
G1 X58.97461
G1 X65.6875 Y7.9375
G1 X61.99609 Y15.01953
G0 X78.12067 Y11.80439
G2 F400.0 X78.15861 Y11.98873 I14.86609 J-2.96421
G2 X79.20898 Y15.0332 I13.03118 J-2.79244
G2 X80.8214 Y17.48665 I10.09107 J-4.87534
G2 X83.06445 Y19.38086 I7.26534 J-6.32817
G2 X88.42383 Y20.88477 I5.2993 J-8.5834
G2 X91.21708 Y20.49528 I0.10667 J-9.44597
G2 X93.6875 Y19.13477 I-1.95281 J-6.46904
G2 X95.32764 Y16.9908 I-4.27639 J-4.97078
G2 X96.05273 Y14.39063 I-7.426 J-3.47204
G1 X92.10156 Y14.00781
G3 X91.68364 Y15.38196 I-5.83945 J-1.02535
G3 X90.83008 Y16.53711 I-2.94269 J-1.28147
G3 X89.65745 Y17.15799 I-2.02111 J-2.39937
G3 X88.3418 Y17.33008 I-1.26203 J-4.53327
G3 X85.14258 Y16.29102 I0.01526 J-5.49164
G3 X83.72532 Y14.83462 I3.39082 J-4.71749
G3 X82.77734 Y13.03711 I7.50088 J-5.10456
G3 X81.88867 Y8.63477 I10.80218 J-4.47143
G3 X82.12643 Y6.67148 I7.47758 J-0.09047
G3 X83.03711 Y4.91602 I4.24649 J1.08898
G3 X85.92188 Y3.60352 I2.82627 J2.38541
G3 X88.84766 Y4.64258 I0.00074 J4.63663
G3 X90.07896 Y6.0293 I-3.23186 J4.10967
G3 X90.84375 Y7.71875 I-6.5029 J3.96159
G1 X95.0 Y7.08984
G2 X93.56373 Y4.23114 I-11.87256 J4.17484
G2 X91.34961 Y1.92188 I-7.88363 J5.34275
G2 X88.64367 Y0.56922 I-5.3138 J7.24715
G2 X85.64844 Y0.14453 I-2.92298 J9.84046
G2 X82.5341 Y0.63758 I-0.13266 J9.24446
G2 X79.89258 Y2.35938 I2.19287 J6.25138
G2 X78.25253 Y5.37699 I5.36449 J4.87005
G2 X77.82813 Y8.78516 I12.16539 J3.2454
G2 X78.12067 Y11.80439 I15.15864 J0.05503
G0 X98.14159 Y7.6254
G1 F400.0 X100.83789 Y20.54297
G1 X104.69336
G1 X110.12109 Y7.13086
G1 X112.92383 Y20.54297
G1 X116.75195
G1 X112.56836 Y0.5
G1 X108.72656
G1 X103.3125 Y13.9668
G1 X100.49609 Y0.5
G1 X96.6543
G1 X98.14159 Y7.6254
G0 X118.27432 Y8.23889
G2 F400.0 X118.26953 Y8.78516 I12.585 J0.3835
G2 X118.60002 Y11.98873 I15.15864 J0.05503
G2 X119.65039 Y15.0332 I13.03118 J-2.79244
G2 X121.26281 Y17.48665 I10.09107 J-4.87534
G2 X123.50586 Y19.38086 I7.26534 J-6.32817
G2 X128.86523 Y20.88477 I5.2993 J-8.5834
G2 X131.65849 Y20.49528 I0.10667 J-9.44597
G2 X134.12891 Y19.13477 I-1.95281 J-6.46904
G2 X135.76904 Y16.9908 I-4.27639 J-4.97078
G2 X136.49414 Y14.39063 I-7.426 J-3.47204
G1 X132.54297 Y14.00781
G3 X132.12504 Y15.38196 I-5.83945 J-1.02535
G3 X131.27148 Y16.53711 I-2.94269 J-1.28147
G3 X130.09886 Y17.15799 I-2.02111 J-2.39937
G3 X128.7832 Y17.33008 I-1.26203 J-4.53327
G3 X125.58398 Y16.29102 I0.01526 J-5.49164
G3 X124.16673 Y14.83462 I3.39082 J-4.71749
G3 X123.21875 Y13.03711 I7.50088 J-5.10456
G3 X122.33008 Y8.63477 I10.80218 J-4.47143
G3 X122.56784 Y6.67148 I7.47758 J-0.09047
G3 X123.47852 Y4.91602 I4.24649 J1.08898
G3 X126.36328 Y3.60352 I2.82627 J2.38541
G3 X129.28906 Y4.64258 I0.00074 J4.63663
G3 X130.52037 Y6.0293 I-3.23186 J4.10967
G3 X131.28516 Y7.71875 I-6.5029 J3.96159
G1 X135.44141 Y7.08984
G2 X134.00514 Y4.23114 I-11.87256 J4.17484
G2 X131.79102 Y1.92188 I-7.88363 J5.34275
G2 X129.08508 Y0.56922 I-5.3138 J7.24715
G2 X126.08984 Y0.14453 I-2.92298 J9.84046
G2 X122.9755 Y0.63758 I-0.13266 J9.24446
G2 X120.33398 Y2.35938 I2.19287 J6.25138
G2 X118.69393 Y5.37699 I5.36449 J4.87005
G2 X118.27432 Y8.23889 I12.16539 J3.2454