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A media server written in Haskell and Cycle.js

To run this locally use docker-compose. Mount the folder with your libraries to /media inside the container (adjust the path in the docker-compose.yaml).

Why not Plex?

I have several issues with Plex:

  • Not open source
  • Only one user in the free version
  • Can only host video and audio files
  • DLNA somewhat broken (at least works not for me)

Why not Emby?

There are also some issues with Emby:

  • Annoying "Please get Premium" messages when playing video
  • Ugly UI
  • No endless scrolling when viewing an overview (and pagination does not jump back to the top)
  • Can only host video and audio files
  • Users are not local on the server
  • Transcoding does not work correctly (at least for me)

What about Kodi?

Kodi is a fantastic client that runs on many devices including the Raspberry PI. But it is not a media server. I want one central master server I can host on my NAS and have many clients that can use the metadata from that server. I plan to add a Kodi plugin that can access the API of the server

Why Haskell?

Because it is an amazing language! The type safety and the compiler help a lot when writing code. Additionally the library eco system has many amazing and performat abstractions for common problems. For example, implementing HTTP range requests would have been a lot harder without servant and conduit.


A media server written in Haskell and Cycle.js





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