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🔔 Receive an instant notification on your phone when Coinbase announces a possible new cryptocurrency listing. So you can buy before the pump. Join our Telegram channel: @CoinbaseNotifier
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Coinbase Notifier

Receive a notification when Coinbase announces a possible new cryptocurrency listing. So you can buy before the pump.

Notifications are send instantly to this Telegram channel < Join!

How does it work?

The script will analyze new tweets from @coinbase, their blog (notification feature in progress) and matches that data with known cryptocurrencies (thanks Coinmarketcap).

If the script finds a currency in a tweet or blog article that's not yet listed (or announced) on Coinbase, you'll receive a notification instantly.

We let you decide if it's a valid announcement or not. Since it's not clear how Coinbase will formulate their announcements. The best thing we can do is see if the tweet matches an unlisted/unannounced currency and just show you that match.

Notification example:

Possible new Coinbase listing ETC?

"We are pleased to announce our intention to add support for Ethereum Classic (ETC) on Coinbase in the coming months."

Why did I make this?

Coinbase has a new process of adding new currencies to their platforms. In short; some internal review and right after that a public announcement on their blog ánd Twitter account.

New trading cryptocurrencies on Coinbase usually have a positive effect on the price. But you have to be quick. So let's not miss out on that trade opportunity again! Join our Telegram channel!

But can't I just use my Twitter app notifications?

You can. But you'll probably receive other notifications as well. And not everyone uses Twitter. This script filters out the things you don't want to receive as a notification ánd shows relevant information in your phone's lockscreen. So you can act quickly, before everyone else.

Service provided "as is".

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I'm not affiliated with Coinbase in any way. I just created this service because I thought others find this helpful.
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