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Collection of custom built flogo components



  • amqp: Publishes a message on AMQP queue or topic
  • blewrite: Write data to a Bluetooth BLE Device
  • checkiban: Validates an International Bank Account Number
  • combine: Combine separate parts into a single string
  • eftl: Send message to eFTL
  • encoder: Encode en decode strings using Base64, Base32
  • filter: Filter out unwanted data
  • getjson: Retrieve specific elements from a JSON structure
  • jsontodata: Convert JSON string to data object
  • kafka: Send message to Kafka
  • matchresponse: response to input text based on seach data
  • mqtt: Publish MQTT Message
  • redis: Interact with Redis keyspace
  • replace: Find and replace characters in up to 8 strings
  • slack: Send message to Slack
  • splitjson: Splits JSON structure into separate name-value pairs
  • splitpath: Splits a path into separate parts
  • statechange: Detects state change for up to eight inputs
  • systeminfo: Retrieve System Information
  • tcmpub: Publish message on TIBCO Cloud Messaging
  • throttle: Throttle data based on interval
  • udp: Send message over UDP
  • wsmessage: Send message over WebSockets


  • amqp:Receive messages from AMQP
  • blemaster:Receive BLE Data (Master)
  • eftl: Receive messages from TIBCO eFTL
  • gpio: Use GPIO pin to start flows
  • kafka: Receive messages from Kafka
  • mqtt2: Receive messages from MQTT
  • slack: Receive messages from Slack
  • stomp: Receive messages from Stomp
  • tcmsub: Receive messages from TIBCO Cloud Messaging
  • timer2: Start flow from timer
  • wsserver: Receive messages on built-in WebSocket server

Related Information

These components are built for TIBCO flogo. Please check ( for more information. On Github: (

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