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1c75ee6 @jvantuyl License and Copyright Updates
1 Copyright 2010, Scatterbit, Inc. & Jayson Vantuyl <>
32bc5d1 @jvantuyl License, Updated ReadMe, Removed Cruft
1c75ee6 @jvantuyl License and Copyright Updates
3 --
5 The erlctl library itself is licensed publicly under the Lesser GNU Public
6 License, v3. See LGPL-3.txt for details. It is our intent that you may use
7 erlctl in any program you see fit, so long as changes to erlctl itself are
8 released under the same license.
10 While not required by our license terms, Scatterbit would very much appreciate
11 if the copyright for any changes was assigned to Scatterbit, Inc. This will
12 allow us to integrate your changes into the mainline distribution, thereby
13 improving everyone's experience, increasing the testing of your code by the
14 community, and reduce the maintenance load on your programmers by reducing the
15 work they must do to stay current.
17 --
19 The ctl_ex application (everything under lib/ctl_ex-*) is released under the
20 CC0 license. This is similar to being Public Domain, but shields us from
21 liability for how you use the code. Essentially, it's yours--and if it breaks,
22 you get to keep both pieces. See CC0.txt for details.
24 This is intended to allow you and yours to develop applications using the CLI
25 component of our examples as a base. Hopefully, this should alleviate any
26 fears that we're going to release the hounds (errr, lawyers) because you
27 "stole" our example code for your application.
29 --
31 We also recommend that you have a lot of fun, and do cool stuff. We figure
32 that anyone who reads to the end of the license file probably has the drive
33 (or at least the OCD) necessary to do great things. :)
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