A Plug-In for Sublime Text 2 / 3 To Render Diagrams In Your Source Code
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This is a plugin that renders diagrams from your selection in Sublime Text 2 or 3.

By default, it binds the (Command / Alt)-M key and registers a command on the Command Palette. Simple select the text for your diagram and trigger the command. Multiselections are allowed. Each diagram will be generated in a uniquely named file.

If a diagram handler recognizes a diagram in the selection, it will render it and pop it up in a detected viewer. All files are created in such a way that they will be cleaned up unless Sublime Text dies a particularly horrible death.

If you wish to override the viewer used, disable start-time sanity checks, or change the default character set for diagram files, create a user version of Diagram.sublime-settings file in the usual way.


To install from scratch, it's necessary to have:

  • Java (download from java.sun.com)
  • Graphviz (I recommend "homebrew" on the Mac)
  • Sublime Text 2 or 3

To install, just put a checkout of this project into your Packages directory in Sublime Text.


Operating Systems: MacOS X, Linux, Windows (with default system viewer) Diagram Types: PlantUML Viewers (in order of preference):

  • MacOS X Preview
  • MacOS X QuickLook
  • Eye of Gnome

Patches to support additional viewers or diagrams are welcome.

Install Instructions

Check out the source directory or download and uncompress the source tarball. Put this directoy in the Packages directory for your platform.

On Linux, it's sometimes "~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/". On MacOS X, it's "~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/".

Sublime Text should detect the plugin and automatically load it.

The source is available via git at:


Or as a tarball at:


Example Results

Component Diagram 1


Component Diagram 2


State Diagram



Special thanks to all of those who have contributed code and feedback, including:

  • Tobias Bielohlawek (Syntax Highlighting Support)
  • Julian Godesa (UX Feedback)
  • Seán Labastille (Preview Support, Multi-Diagram Support)
  • Kirk Strauser (Python 3 / SublimeText 3 Support)
  • Stanislav Vitko (PlantUML Updates)
  • Constantine ? (Windows Viewer, Charset Support, Various Other Fixes)
  • Marcelo Da Cruz Pinto (Windows Viewer)
  • Peter Ertel (PEP8 Cleanup, Windows Improvements)
  • Juan Cabrera (Version Updates)