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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import vim
from requests import get
OPEN_WEATHER_API_KEY = "your Open Weather API key"
def get_weather():
Get weather from each line in the buffer
buff = vim.current.buffer
for idx, line in enumerate(buff):
buff[idx] = line + "\t" + get_openweather(line)["weather"][0]["main"] # append the weather in the line
def get_weather_selection():
Method to demonstrate a "possible" integration between vim and python
buf = vim.current.buffer # get current vim buffer
start = buf.mark("<") # get the begin of the selection
end = buf.mark(">") # get the end of the selection
location = get_text(start, end) # get the selection text with the city name
line = buf[end[0]-1] + "\t" + get_openweather(location)["weather"][0]["main"] # append the weather in the line
buf[end[0]-1] = line # update line in the buffer
def get_text(start, end):
Method used to get the text delimited by start and end markers
buf = vim.current.buffer
text = ""
for line in buf[start[0]-1:end[0]]:
text += line
last_index = (len(text) - len(buf[end[0]-1])) + end[1] + 1
return text[start[1]:last_index]
def get_openweather(city):
url="" # open weather endpoint
payload = {"q": city, "APPID": OPEN_WEATHER_API_KEY} # prepare the request params
request = get(url, payload) # send request to the Open Weather API
return request.json()