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Django+Backbone.js+Require.js Example

This is an example application using Django, with the help of django-tastypie, backbone.js, icanhaz.js and require.js. It is based on the awesome django-backbone-example by Josh Bohde. I have just taken his example and modified for the purpose of the demonstration.

Running locally

Preferably in a virtualenv, run the following commands:

git clone
cd backbone-tastypie-requirejs/backbone_example
pip install -r requirements.txt
./ syncdb --noinput
./ runserver

This project uses grunt for building. So go to grunt-bbb for more info on how to do a build. Here's what I did:

npm install -g grunt
npm install -g bbb
bbb debug
bbb release

That's it. Run the above runserver command and open up the project.