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# freedombox-privoxy
James Vasile <>
Released under GPLv3 or later. Modifications to Privoxy are copyright
2012 James Vasile and are released under GNU General Public License,
version 3 or later.
One thing many people seem to agree the FreedomBox should do is web
filtering for privacy and ad-removal. Toward that end, this is a first
draft version of a privoxy package for FreedomBox.
To use, you can do the usual
cd freedombox-privoxy
sudo make install
Or if you are on a Debian system:
cd freedombox-privoxy
sudo apt-get build-dep privoxy
sudo apt-get install logrotate docbook-website dpatch
make deb
sudo apt-get purge privoxy # yes, this is necessary the first time
sudo dpkg -i Debian/*.deb
sudo service freedombox-privoxy restart
If you want to see what I changed, look in
Debian/freedombox-privacy*/debian/patches/9*.dpatch after doing the make
deb. I'll get some binary packages up for x86 and Dream Plug soon.
This package differs from the standard Debian privoxy package in a few
key ways.
* First (and most importantly) it doesn't just listen on localhost. The
plan is eventually to control access to it via iptables, so by default
it listens to the world. Be careful with that if your FreedomBox is
reachable via public net.
* Second, I imported the https-everywhere ruleset as a privoxy action file
and modified the privoxy binary to handle it.
* Third, I imported the easyprivacy ruleset from Ad-Block Plus as a
privoxy action file. Easyprivacy is not included in ABP and most users
are unaware that they can add it in. To me, that makes it a good
candidate for inclusion here.
* Fourth, I *started* to pull in the easylist ruleset from ABP. It is
impossible to fully duplicate easylist with a proxy because the proxy
lacks information the browser uses to make more nuanced decisions about
what to block. Scripted import of easylist might be buggy, and this
needs more investigation.
* Fifth, I lowered the amount of filtering compared to the stock
privoxy config (see the match-all.action file for details). I did this
because unlike a proxy running on your local machine, a proxy that
clients don't control should be a bit more careful about breaking sites.
I'm trying to get down to a level where we don't break anything and then
seeing how we build up from there.
If you are a privoxy user, please do give this package a test run and
report any problems to:
Further work will include writing a script to test all the
https-everywhere rules and discard the ones that are broken.
As well as one to periodically check for new regexes. Anybody
who wants to contribute to writing that is welcome to jump on in!
## Dependencies
### Privoxy
This package is based on privoxy, which is copyright (C) 2001 the
SourceForge Privoxy team. Privoxy is
released under GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.
### Internet Junkbuster
Privoxy is in turn based on the Internet Junkbuster originally written
by and copyright (C) 1997 Anonymous Coders and Junkbusters
Corporation. The Internet Junkbuster was
released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.
### https-everywhere
This package downloads https-everywhere, which is released under
GNU General Public License version 2 or later and has the following copyright
Copyright © 2010 Mike Perry <>
Peter Eckersley <>
Incorporating code from NoScript,
Copyright © 2004-2007 Giorgio Maone <>
### git2changelog
This package downloads git2changelog, which is copyright 2012 James
Vasile and released under GNU General Public License version 3 or
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