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Full JS photo gallery with only one file and an img/ directory
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  Just put your photos in an img/ directory, and this index.html file in the parent directory.
  Your webserver has to have the +Indexes directive (directory listing) enabled at least for img/.

  For the photo gallery of an event named "event_name" (, you should have:
    % ls event_name/
    index.html img

  Before uploading:

    - Resizing:
       % for i in myPhotos/*; do convert $i -resize 1024x1024 event_name/img/$(basename $i); done 
    - Rotating:
       % exiftran -ai event_name/img/*
    - Reordering: 
       With Geeqie:
       (use drag and drop or sort by Exif-date, before renaming)
    - Cleaning metadata:
       % exiftool -overwrite_original -all= event_name/img/*


  - Keyboards
      Next photo:      RightArrow / UpArrow / J / PageUp / Space
      Previous photo:  LeftArrow / DownArrow / K / PageDown
      First photo:     Home
      Last photo:      End
      Show full-size:  F
      Close show room: Escape

  - Touchscreens
      Next photos:     SwipeToLeft / Tap
      Previous photos: SwipeToRight
      Close show room: SwipeUp / SwipeDown


  Julien Vaubourg (c) 2018
  WTFPL v2
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