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OpenMax accelerated control of the Raspberry Pi Camera Module under openFrameworks
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Master may be unstable, features untested. See Releases for tested versions


openFrameworks addon to control the Raspberry Pi Camera Module. Formerly ofxRPiCameraVideoGrabber that only provided video functionality. This addon also provides still capture functionality as well as the abilty to save settings as JSON based files.


openFrameworks 0.10.0 or higher Setup Guide
Developed with GPU memory set at 256, overclock to medium but 128/default should work as well
Desktop Mode (X11 enabled) may work but untested

LED Toggling requires gpio program provided via wiringPi
$sudo apt-get install wiringpi


Clone into your openFrameworks/addons folder

Primary classes


Used for video capture and recording. Video is hardware accelerated and written to a texture (texture mode) or directly to the screen. Texture Mode allows:

  • Shaders
  • Pixel access
  • Overlays, etc

Used for controlling still functionality of the camera. Only hardware accelerated features are enabled (e.g. JPG compression). Similar to video mode, a preview can be rendered to a texture or directly to the screen.


Recording is available in both texture and non-texture modes




Shows different settings available to tweak the camera exposure, metering, cropping, zooming, filters, mirroring, white balance


Camera turns on and is rendered full screen via OMX acceleration
Press the "e" key to toggle through built in filters


Demos cropping, alpha, mirroring of direct display (not camera)


Camera turns on and renders to a texture that is drawn at full screen and a scaled version
Press the "e" key to toggle through built in filters


Basic shader usage with texture-mode
Press the "e" key to toggle through built in filters Press the "s" key to toggle shader


Alternative way to load a camera configuration through a text file


Recording of video in texture or direct mode


Drop-in replacement for ofVideoGrabber (texture-mode only)



Still camera functionality

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