An easy to use, globally installable .less compiler for NodeJS
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#LessWatcher An easy to use, globally installable .less compiler and watcher.

usage: lesswatcher [options]

  -h, --help              Print help (this message) and exit.

  -d, --directory         Set input directory - where your .less files are located

  -o, --output            Set output directory - this is relative to the
                          directory where less files are generated from.

  -b, --build-only        Performs a build and exits


  lesswatcher -d=styles/less -o=../css

Alternatively, a lesswatcher.config file can be placed in the directory where you are calling it from to specify a set of options.

For example the following content in lesswatcher.config will set the corresponding options:

	directory: "styles/less",
	output: "../css"


Most of this project is simply a shorthand to Guilherme Dupont's work on less-monitor.

It depends on less-monitor and less to perform all the hard work. I just wanted a quick-and-dirty command that I could run from the CLI without having to set loads of options. Additionally the use of a config file was a feature I thought was necessary.