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PHP Facebook Gallery

Simple PHP program to display public Facebook galleries. Live Demo


Audience / Usage

The intended audience/usage is for businesses who have both a website and Facebook page. This gallery will allow you update your photos in one place and have them display on both your Facebook page and website.


  • Requires PHP 5.6+
  • You will first need to create a Facebook app to obtain an App ID and App Secret. Facebook Developers
  • Next update the index.php config values to fit your needs:
$config = array(
    'page_name' => '{FACEBOOK PAGE NAME}',  //{PAGE NAME}/
    'app_id' => '{YOUR APP ID}',            // Facebook assigns this during 
    'app_secret' => '{YOUR APP SECRET}',    // Same as app_id
    'breadcrumbs' => true,                  // Displays bread crumbs at top
    'cache' => array(
        'location' => 'cache',              // Directory to save cache files - PHP must have read/write access. (755 or 775)
        'time' => 7200                      // Number of seconds to keep cache

Using with Existing Website

If you want to use this with an existing website, you'll need to import the CSS, Javascript, and two JS functions your self. Take a look at the index.php file for a the files and functions. Feel free to use the issues page for any help with this.

Bugs / Issues / Suggestions

Please let us know if you see any bugs or issues. Would love help improving this, so pull requests are always welcome!