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HTTPD server in Eiffel
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Eiffel Nino HTTPD
Eiffel Nino is and HTTPD server. It's a work in progress, so maybe it will be refactored.
The goal of is to provide a simple web server for development (like Java, Python and Ruby provide)
The code is based on Xebra and Emu Web Server.

HTTPD server for development, support for HTTP 1.1.

To test the HTTPD server, you could run the [example] 
The server work fine in Windows and Linux.

Run the server and point your browser to one of the following URIs

1) http://localhost:9000/post/index.html 
2) http://localhost:9000/demo1/template.html
3) http://localhost:9000/demo2/demo.html
4) http://localhost:9000/example/html/index.html
5) http://localhost:9000/html/simple.html
6) http://localhost:9000/html/images.html
7) http://localhost:9000/html/images.html
8) http://localhost:9000/html5/dataset.html 

Known Issues

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