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[RETIRED] Open source e-commerce and marketplaces made simple on the JVM
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cms Issue #234 Better protection against SPAM in contact forms Oct 14, 2015
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NOTICE Adding a minimal README file + LICENSE and NOTICE Jan 22, 2013 Update Feb 10, 2017
pom.xml Issue #238 Move deployment to OSSRH Mar 8, 2015


Mayocat-shop was an attempt at building an easy to use open-source marketplace platform. It's a retired project as of 10/02/2017, as the project did not gain enough traction and I've moved on to other ventures. While bugfixes might make it to this repository (as there is are production sites running on mayocat), I have no plan to continue development and add new features. If there is interest in continuing development of the platform, I'll gladly hand over commit and administrative rights to potential contributors.

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