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Hyperledger Fabric & Composer "Engine Supplychain" example

This repository defines the source code for a Hyperledger Composer Business Network Definition. The network models a consortium of engine manufacturers and merchants which trace the production, sale and installation of car engines into cars of end customers.

Branching strategy

Initial and final versions are stored in two separate branches to guide developers throw the process of developing a Business Network Definition for Composer. This repository was created to demo the engine supplychain application in a German article for Informatik Aktuell.

Initial version (default branch)

In the branch initial you will find unfinished application skeleton. It can be started but contains no application code, yet.

git checkout initial

Final version

In the master branch you will find the final solution application. It contains implementations that fulfill a simple engine supplychain show case.

git checkout master

Final functionality covered

There are different roles/personas: Manufacturer, Merchant and the interests of a Customer by tracing cars by unique legal identifiers of real cars.

  1. As a Manufacturer I want to be able to create produced motors with a unique serial number in order to track further history of it and prove uniqueness.
  2. As a Manufacturer I want to be able to transfer ownership of inserted motors to a Merchant in order to model a sell proccess to it.
  3. As a Merchant I want to be able to transfer an owned motor to a Customer in order to model a sell process/installation process into his car.

Further feature ideas

These are further ideas but did not have been implemented yet.

  1. As a Customer I want to claim the two-year warranty by help of a Merchant at a Manufacturer in order to get a motors' damage repaired or refunded.
  2. As a Customer or Merchant or Manufacturer I want to report a stolen motor in order to let everyone know that its serial number now resolves to a stolen item.

How to use?


  1. Install pre-requisites for Hyperledger Fabric
  2. Install pre-requisites for Hyperledger Composer
  3. Install Composer and its (dev) tools

The source code is implemented in JavaScript ES6 so it can make use of nice language features such as async and await, spread/destruct operators and so on.

Working with the repo:

  1. Install dependencies and dev-dependencies: npm install
  2. Run ESlint: npm run lint
  3. Run unit tests: npm test
  4. Compile this repository to a .bna file: npm run createArchive

For more information on Fabric and Composer and how to deploy .bna files to Fabric Networks, please read their development and operations documentation.


Hyperledger Fabric & Composer example that models a consortium of car engine manufacturers, merchants and customers.




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