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# 12tweet - tiny little robots that live in the twittersphere
# Created by Jeff Verkoeyen @featherless
# The brains of a basic twitter bot. Does little more than print
# all tweets for the given twitter user.
import twitterbot
import random
class Bot(twitterbot.StandardBot):
'''A generic twitter bot.
def __init__(self):
dbuser = "12tweet",
dbpass = "12tweet21r!",
dbdb = "12tweet",
twituser = '12tweetbot',
twitpass = '12tweet21r!')
def execute(self):
# Fetch all tweets since our last commit.
tweets = self.getTweets()
# Commit our tweets right away. If there are any errors in code following
# this, we won't run into an infinite loop of tweets being pulled.
# You might choose to commit the tweets at a later point, however.
if len(tweets) == 1:
print str(len(tweets)) + " new tweet"
elif len(tweets) > 1:
print str(len(tweets)) + " new tweets"
for tweet in tweets:
if tweet.user.screen_name in self.existing_users:
print tweet.user.screen_name+": " + tweet.text
# Someone who isn't following us has sent us a reply.
print "I don't know this person: " + tweet.user.screen_name