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tiny little robots that live in the twittersphere
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Hello! Thanks for checking out 1-2-tweet!

Let's cut to the chase. 1-2-tweet is a project that
makes it possible to build twitter bots. Think IRC
or AIMbots, except more buzz-termy.

So how do you go about getting this running on your
box? Should be simple, let's start.

First off, you're going to need python. Make sure
you can start up python from the command line.

> python
Python 2.x.x (version garble)
[GCC garble]
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

You should see something at least similar to the
above. If not, go ahead and download it.

With python in hand, run the following set of
commands to install the required libraries:

cd mysql
python build
python install

cd simplejson
python build
python install

cd twitter
python build
python install

If any of these fail, just do the standard Google search
and you should fine solutions.

While these are running, you should get mysql running
on your box so that you can interact with a database.

Import schema/12tweet.sql into a database and it will
create skeletons of the necessary tables for running

Now with everything installed, you can create your bot!
Check out to see examples.

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