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What this extension does

Issues 2.0 is pretty sweet, but Pull Requests haven't gotten any love. This extension attempts to narrow the gap. It adds the new issues header to the top of every pull request page. It also adds the tags applied to the pull request on the right-hand side.

Pull Requests 1.0

Pull Requests 2.1


We can't modify labels, add pull requests to milestones, or assign pull requests from within a pull request yet.

Known issues

Making a pull request is currently completely broken when the extension is enabled, so you'll have to disable it temporarily when you make one.

How to install this extension

It's pretty hacky, so you'll have to do some manual tweaking first.

Open up js/common.js and modify the username to be your own. You might also need to update the assetHost value. You can get this by looking at any Github page's source while you're logged in.

Once you've set your username, do the following in Chrome:

  • Tap the "wrench" icon in the toolbar.
  • Click Tools -> Extensions
  • Turn on Developer Mode
  • Click "Load unpacked extension..."
  • Select the githubissues2.1 folder
  • Enable the extension, and voila!


This being my first attempt at a Chrome extension, there are a lot of things I don't know yet. From a bit more reading it looks like I can inject JS into pages a bit easier than what I'm currently attempting to do. I think I might use that for the next iteration.