A Day One Jekyll plugin for associating Day One entries with Jekyll posts.
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Jekyll Day One Plugin

This is a Jekyll plugin for the Day One journaling app. It reads Day One entries from a folder and exposes them to the Liquid templating system via page.dayones.

Day One entries are matched to Jekyll posts using tags from each system. A Jekyll post's tags define the minimum tags required by a Day One entry for it to be included in the Jekyll post.

For example, a Jekyll post with the tags

- Costa Rica
- Monteverde

would include any Day One post that has at least "Costa Rica" and "Monteverde" in its set of tags.


  • Copy src/dayone.rb into your Jekyll site in a folder named _dayone.

  • Create a config.yml file in the same folder as dayone.rb, e.g. _dayone/dayone.rb, _dayone/config.yml Note: this is distinct from the Jekyll config.yml file in the root of your Jekyll site.

  • Specify the absolute path to your Journal.dayone folder in _dayone/config.yml. dayonepath: "/path/to/Dropbox/Apps/Day One/Journal.dayone"

  • Optional: Add _dayone/config.yml to your .gitignore so that you can have a different path in dev vs production.

  • Create a dayone.rb file in your Jekyll site's _plugins folder. Use the following code to create a Dayone Processor and process your Day One entries.

# Modify this to get to the path of your dayone.rb file.
require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '../../src/dayone.rb')

module Dayone
  class Generator < Jekyll::Generator
    def generate(site)
      processor = Processor.new
  • You can now access your Day One entries in your Jekyll posts via page.dayones.

Accessing Day One Entries in your Jekyll Posts

Jekyll posts will be provided with a subset of Day One entries via page.dayones. This subset is determined by the tags specified in each Jekyll post. You can specify tags in a Jekyll post by including a list of tags in the yml preamble. For example:

title: "Costa Rica: Monteverde"
- Costa Rica
- Monteverde

Any Day One post that includes at least those tags will then be provided via page.dayones.

A simple Liquid implementation that lists all Day One entries for a post follows:

{% for dayone in page.dayones %}
<h1>{{ dayone.title_text }}</h1>
<h2>{{ dayone.creation_date | date_to_long_string }}</h2>
  {{ dayone.entry_text | markdownify }}
{% endfor %}

Sample Jekyll Site

Run jekyll in the sample/ folder to generate a sample website using stock Day One data.


Apache 2.0. Written by Jeff Verkoeyen.

Live Examples

Jeff Verkoeyen's Blog