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Network Photo Albums Sample Application

This sample application demos the use of the multiple photo APIs to fetch photos from public photo albums and display them in high-definition on the iPad and iPhone.

The following APIs are currently demoed:

  • Facebook Graph API
  • Dribbble Shots

Please run the following to check the JSONKit submodule out:

git submodule init git submodule update

Product Information

Minimum Deployment Target: iOS 4.0 Supported Hardware: iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad


Nimbus Core

Every Nimbus feature depends on the Core for a variety of common features.

Nimbus Photos

This is the primary feature being demoed in this application. The NetworkPhotoAlbumViewController subclasses the NIToolbarPhotoViewController and implements the necessary data source methods. It fetches the photo album information from the Facebook Graph API using ASIHTTPRequest and parses the JSON using JSONKit.

Nimbus Processors

This application uses the NIJSONKitProcessorHTTPRequest to process the API results on a separate thread instead of blocking on the main UI.


The network framework used to make the requests to the API.


The JSON parser used to parse the JSON responses from the Graph API.