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The Odin Project HTML/CSS Mini Project
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  • The Odin Project HTML/CSS Mini Project
  • From The Odin Project's curriculum

What have I learned?

It is quite easy to make git commit messages too long. 50 characters; that's all. It is also quite easy to get carried away coding and realise you haven't committed for several minutes. But hey - first project. I think these skills will become second nature eventually.

What did I struggle with?

Well, take a look! That UK text that is supposed to stick to the Google logo? I could not work out how to get this to work as it does on the real Google homepage. I am wondering if it needs some advanced techniques I do not know about yet. Or maybe it is possible with all the layout and positioning styles, but I am struggling to get my head around these.

Edit: I have managed it (by essentially using padding to make the UK shift right of centre), but I am sure there is a more elegant way of doing it. Anyway, a good start. Onto Javascript!

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