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Dual port swapping memory
The VHDL simulation component allows to simulate testbenchs that use
huge memories. This is helpful sometimes because some simulators are
buggy and consumes all the physical RAM of the PC.
Generic parameters:
* MEM_CAP - total capacity of the memory (the address will be log2(MEM_CAP) wide).
* MEM_LINE - size of one memory 'partition'; this is the memory loaded in during
the simulation, the rest of the memory is on the disk.
* DWIDTH - data width of one entry in the memory (word access vs. byte access).
* PREFIX - prefix of generated files on the disk.
* CLK - clock, there is just one Clock domain to simplify the implementation.
* RST - synchronous reset.
* MEM_A[01] - address to read/write the memory.
* MEM_DIN[01] - data to be written.
* MEM_DOUT[01] - data to be read.
* MEM_WE[01] - write-enable.
* MEM_RE[01] - read-enable.
* MEM_DRDY[01] - data ready to read (MEM_DOUT is valid).
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