SMSRoulette is a webapp that uses Twilio to connect random users anonymously.
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SMSRoulette app that uses Twilio to connect random
users anonymously.

In short, SMSRoulette is ChatRoulette for SMS.  This
is just a tutorial to make people familiar with Twilio.


  a few mobile phone users

Don't forget to update your ACCOUNT_SID, ACCOUNT_TOKEN
and CALLER_ID fields in  These values can be
obtained from your Twilio account's dashboard.

How to run the app

1. Register for a free Twilio account.

2. Checkout the code:

   $ git clone git://
   $ cd SMSRoulette
   $ vi # change this file

3. Download and install redis and the python helper module.
   (or) $ apt-get install redis-server
   (or) $ brew install redis

   $ easy_install redis

4. Download and install Flask webapp microframework

   $ easy_install Flask

5. Install twilio's python library.

   $ easy_install twilio

6. Make sure your computer can accept connections from
   Twilio's servers.  If you're behind a firewall/NAT,
   you might have to use port forwarding.

   $ python

   This will run the webapp locally and will listen on
   port 5000 by default.  Enter the address to reach this
   webserver on Twilio's dashboard.  For me, just entering

    http://<your ip>:5000/sms

   and specifying that the request be of type GET, was

7. Start using the app!