Instantly search identifiers and other tags in your source code via a convenient web browser interface!
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Welcome to ctags-instant.

This is a web-interface that allows you to search through identifiers
in your source code.  Currently, tags are generated using ctags;
support for other tag generators like GNU/Global will be added later.

This is just a proof of concept app, and I would not consider this a
well written software by any standards.  Please use this with
caution. :)

How to run

You'll need the following programs.  The first two need to be in your

  * Exuberant ctags:
  * mongodb:
  * python:

You'll need the following libraries for python.  All of them can be

  * pymongo
  * Flask:
  * termcolor
  * json
  * argparse

Then, just type:

  $ python -d /path/to/source/dir

Then, point your browser to: http://localhost:5000