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2011-11-11 Vimal <>
* src/openfaucet/ Added missing padding in ActionStripVlan
2011-05-24 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/openfaucet/ Fix documentation of PortConfig
object deserialization.
* src/openfaucet/ Fix unittest of PortConfig flag
serialization to test all flags.
2011-05-17 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
NEWS: Fix the format for OFPAT_ENQUEUE / ActionEnqueue actions.
2011-05-17 Romain Lenglet <>
* docs/ Update the documentation to build the
Debian package.
2011-05-05 Romain Lenglet <>
*, NEWS: Set the version to 1.2~pre1, and prepare
NEWS for future changes.
* NEWS: Set the release version to 1.1 for the latest changes.
* Set the version to 1.1.
* README: Add links to the mailing-lists and online discussion
* docs/, docs/index.rst: Add documentation sections
containing the NEWS and COPYING files.
2011-03-24 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/, NEWS:
Fix the semantics of actions_len field in OFPT_PACKET_OUT
messages: it is a number of bytes, not a number of actions.
2011-03-23 Jacob Mandelson <>
* src/openfaucet/ Move connection_made() callback
outside of _features_lock critical section.
2011-03-22 Romain Lenglet <>
*, NEWS: Set the version to 1.1~pre1, and prepare
NEWS for future changes.
* Set the version to 1.0.
* NEWS: Add empty NEWS file.
* docs/ Add a link to the releases index page.
* docs/, index.rst,, docs/
Add documentation for installing and building OpenFaucet.
* docs/index.rst: Shorten titles in table of contents.
* docs/match.rst, docs/index.rst, docs/ Add
documentation for OpenFlow flow matches.
2011-03-21 Romain Lenglet <>
* docs/index.rst, docs/, docs/error.rst: Add
documentation for OpenFlow errors.
* src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
docs/controller.rst: Add method raise_error_with_request into
IOpenflowControllerStub. Add documentation for it.
* src/, src/openfaucet/*.py: Follow PEP8 style:
reindent all Python sources with 4 spaces, put spaces around all
operators, etc. Move module documentation from comments into
2011-03-17 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/ Use LoopbackTransports to
exchange messages with a peer mock protocol, to simplify
* src/openfaucet/ Define class LoopbackTransport.
* src/ Fix logging setup.
* src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/ Add INFO-level logging. Log the
configuration at INFO level.
* src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/ Raise IndexErrors instead of
AssertionErrors in ReceiveBuffer's methods.
* src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/ Define the IOpenflowVendorHandler
and IOpenflowVendorHandlerStub interfaces. Rename "buffer" args
into "buf" to prevent shadowing Python's "buffer" keyword.
2011-03-16 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/openfaucet/ Dispatch on message type using a dict
instead of a series of ifs.
2011-03-14 Romain Lenglet <>
* Replace the bug report email address by
* AUTHORS: Fix the formatting of contributors list to follow the
same conventions as GNU projects' AUTHORS files.
2011-03-08 Jacob Mandelson <>
* src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/ Add Midokura vendor extensions.
* src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/ Fix value of OFPAT_VENDOR.
* src/openfaucet/ Fix bad-action-length raise.
2011-03-06 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/openfaucet/ Document why we directly use
callables instead of Deferred objects.
2011-03-05 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/ (EXTRA_DIST): Fix the distribution of and all unittest modules.
* src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/, src/ Move classes
MockVendorAction and MockVendorHandler into new module
mock_vendor. Move class MockTransport into module
mock_twisted. Move class MockOpenflowController into new module
* src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/
Simplify logging setup in unittests.
* src/openfaucet/ Print backtraces in the logs. Improve
logging wording.
* src/openfaucet/ Fix printing of OpenflowError
* src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/, docs/controller.rst: Silently
cancel all pending operations when the connection is lost.
* src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/, docs/controller.rst: Close
the tranport connection if the handshake times out.
2011-03-02 Romain Lenglet <>
* docs/ (SPHINXOPTS): Remove the -n flag for
compatibility with older versions of sphinx-build.
* src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/, docs/controller.rst: Rename
class Callback into Callable. Make its instances directly
callable. Document that class as a decorator of a callable to pass
additional arguments.
2011-02-23 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/openfaucet/ Add comments into the
serialize_action() / deserialize_action() methods to justify the
design decision to keep them in the OpenflowProtocol class.
* src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/ Add a
serialize_vendor_action() vendor handler callback, to make it
easier to encode / decode vendor actions with subtypes.
* src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/, docs/controller.rst,
docs/action.rst: Split send_flow_mod() and handle_flow_mod() into
one method for each command (add, remove, and delete) with
command-specific signatures.
2011-02-22 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/ Fix
"which" -> "whose" in documentation.
* docs/controller.rst, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/ Consistently use "binary string"
instead of "byte buffer" in all documentation, to avoid any
confusion with ReceiveBuffer.
2011-02-18 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/openfaucet/ Fix documentation details.
* docs/config.rst, docs/, docs/index.rst,
docs/controller.rst: Add documentation for switch configuration
* docs/action.rst: Clarify the properties of action objects and
named tuples.
* src/openfaucet/ Define interface IAction and have
all action classes implement it.
* docs/action.rst, docs/, docs/index.rst,
docs/controller.rst: Add documentation for standard port numbers,
for interface IAction, and for standard action classes.
* src/openfaucet/
(IOpenflowControllerStub, IOpenflowController): Remove the 'self'
argument from interface methods.
* docs/controller.rst: Fix the specification of 'features' as an
attribute instead of a method.
2011-02-17 Romain Lenglet <>
* docs/controller.rst, src/openfaucet/ Fix wording
in documentation.
* docs/controller.rst, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/, src/openfaucet/,
src/openfaucet/ Replace id->ID and xid->XID in
comments and documentation.
2011-02-16 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/openfaucet/ (IOpenflowControllerStub): Add
interface IOpenflowControllerStub for documenting methods callable
by controller objects.
* src/openfaucet/ (Callback): Clean up documentation.
* docs/index.rst, docs/controller.rst: Reindent using 2
spaces. Complete section "Sending messages to datapaths".
2011-02-15 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/ (TESTS), src/ Run all unittests
as a single test suite, instead of running every unittest module
in turn. Use Automake's TESTS and TESTS_ENVIRONMENT variables to
configure tests.
2011-02-14 Romain Lenglet <>
* docs/index.rst: Fix typo.
2011-02-13 Romain Lenglet <>
* docs/controller.rst, docs/index.rst, docs/ Clean up
documentation and add controller developer's guide sections
"Controller instantiation" and "Asynchronous message callbacks".
* src/openfaucet/ (IOpenflowController),
src/openfaucet/ (OpenflowProtocol): Fix controller
callbacks documentation.
2011-02-12 Romain Lenglet <>
* docs/ Simplify to build and install only HTML doc,
in $(htmldir)/html/. Fix broken install-html rule.
2011-02-11 Romain Lenglet <>
* ChangeLog: Add copyright notice and permission notice.
2011-02-09 Romain Lenglet <>
* AUTHORS, NEWS, COPYING,, **/ Initial
Copyright 2011 Midokura KK
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.