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WIP: Network performance isolation for Cloud Data Centres.
The shared nature of multi-tenant environments raise concerns about
how resources like CPU, memory, disk and network bandwidth are shared.
Multi-tenant could mean multiple services like MapReduce / Search /
Storage sharing the same infrastructure, and different customers in
the context of a cloud. It is important that tenants are isolated
from each other so that the activity of one tenant does not adversely
impact other tenants sharing the same insfrastructure.
In this report, we look at isolation mechanisms for the network.
While network ACLs provide reachability isolation between tenants, it
does not provide performance isolation; a tenant can gain an unfair
share of network bandwidth by increasing the number of TCP
connections, or worse, use UDP. Static source-only rate limiting does
not suffice, as a tenant can horizontally scale and increase the
number of transmitters to generate a large N-to-1 traffic pattern.
Hence, we need a more robust mechanism to conform tenants to a well
understood model of sharing the network, keeping in mind that the
tenants cannot be trusted.
People: (Stanford University)
* Vimal
* Mohammad Alizadeh
* Prof. David Mazieres
* Prof. Balaji Prabhakar
Stay tuned for more information.
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