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Spree extension that allows quantity discounts
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Simple Volume Pricing

Simple Volume Pricing is an extension to Spree (a complete open source commerce solution for Ruby on Rails) that allows order quantity to determine the price for a particular product variant. For instance the variant's starting price might be $19.99, but $18 if customer orders 5 or more units or $15 if customer orders 20 or more.

Each VolumePrice contains the following values:

  1. Variant: Each VolumePrice is associated with a Variant, which is used to link products to particular prices.
  2. Starting Quantity: The minimum quantity for which this VolumePrice applies. If there is a VolumePrice with higher starting quantity that still applies to this order, it will be used instead.
  3. Price: The price of the variant if the line item quantity is big enough for this VolumePrice to apply.


Rails T-Shirt variant has a price of $19.99. Consider the following examples of volume prices:

   Variant             Starting Quantity  Price
   Rails T-Shirt       5                  18.00
   Rails T-Shirt       20                 15.00

Example 1

Cart Contents:

   Product                Quantity       Price       Total
   Rails T-Shirt          1              20.99       19.99

Example 2

Cart Contents:

   Product                Quantity       Price       Total
   Rails T-Shirt          5              18.00       90.00

Example 3

Cart Contents:

  Product                Quantity       Price       Total
  Rails T-Shirt          6              18.00       108.00

Example 4

Cart Contents:

  Product                Quantity       Price       Total
  Rails T-Shirt          20             15.00       300.00

Why is it simple

This extension is called Simple to differentiate it from another volume pricing extension created and maintained by the Spree Core team at RailsDog.

Simple Volume Pricing is simple to use, but gives you the same level of control. It doesn't require you to define ranges, assign them a human readable description or arrange them in order manually. You just slice the quantity continuum with points (starting quantity) between 1 and infinity. The volume price with highest starting quantity is automatically open ended. If you need to end that range just add another point with the variant's original price.

The original extension had also some issues, such as defining overlapping ranges. The models were unnecessarily complicated. Why acts_as_list if you can just order volume prices by their lower quantity range end?

Volume Customers

By default volume prices are calculated based only on the quantity of the current order. But your business might want to allow customers to buy huge volumes over a number of smaller orders. If you want to include quantities from customer's past orders in volume price calculation you can overwrite Order::variant_starting_quantity(variant) method. By default it returns 0.


If you want to calculate customer's volume discount based on his order history from last 31 days just add this to your site's code:

Order.class_eval do
  def variant_starting_quantity variant
    orders = Order.complete.by_customer( - 31.days, self.created_at + do |o| {|li| li.variant_id ==}.map(&:quantity).sum

Assuming the same volume prices configuration as above. First order:

  Product                Quantity       Price       Total
  Rails T-Shirt          8              18.00       144.00

Next order during the next 31 days:

  Product                Quantity       Price       Total
  Rails T-Shirt          4              15.00       60.00

Additional Notes

  • The volume price is applied based on the total quantity ordered for a particular variant. It does not (yet) apply different prices for the portion of the quantity that falls within a particular range. Although I plan to support such option.


This extension is based on spree-volume-pricing extension. It was rewritten by Adam Wróbel of Flux Inc, but there are some bits by the original authors in the initial commit.

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