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dupd requires SQLite (-lsqlite3) and OpenSSL (-lcrypto).
Note that dupd no longer requires libbloom.
The master branch contains the latest work in progress and it carries
a version with a "-dev" suffix to highlight this. While in theory
the master branch is always kept in a working state, this might not
always be true in practice.
If you're looking to build a stable binary for production use or
packaging, it is best to build from the most recent release tag
instead of using the master branch.
Some pre-built binaries and/or packages are available so you might
not have to build from source. For pointers on these, see the project page:
The Makefile specifically supports Linux, SunOS, Darwin (OS X), OpenBSD
and FreeBSD. If you build on other platforms, let me know.
The Makefile assumes GNU make. To build just run make (or gmake).
If you'd like to test your built binary run "make test".
There are other targets in the Makefile which you won't need unless
you want to hack on the code. See Makefile in that case.
% make install
This will, by default, install dupd under /usr/local
You can override the location by setting INSTALL_PREFIX
% make install INSTALL_PREFIX=/desired/path/here
There is also an uninstall target which will remove dupd and its man page.