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@jvirkki jvirkki released this 21 Mar 19:02
· 144 commits to master since this release
* Made --hdd mode the default.
* Added an --ssd option to select SSD mode.
* Added xxHash as an hash function and made it the default.
* --hardlink-is-unique no longer forces --hdd mode.
* Support for limiting read buffer allocation during scan.
* Allow setting verbosity level directly with -V.
* Deprecated the --uniques option, it hasn't been useful.
* Deprecated the --nodb option, it goes against the dupd way.
* Deprecated the --intblocks option, no longer relevant.
* Deprecated the --file-count option, not needed.
* Various performance improvements.
* Minor stats and reporting cleanup.
* Add support for building on FreeBSD.
* Although not user-visible (ideally), this release contains
  substantial code refactoring of several subsystems. Test carefully.