Simple sample showing a complete rendering of a triangle, in Java and Kotlin
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  • OpenGL 4:

  • OpenGL 3:

    • Hello Triangle:

    • Hello Texture:

    • GL injection: shows how to inject GL commands into a GL fifo from another thread (like the input listener):

    • Input into rendering: shows how to use a fifo stack to pipe events from the EDT (listener) into the rendering loop:

Quick start:

  • clone & sync Gradle
  • run it and enjoy the OpenGL acceleration on Java 😎 (or even better, on Kotlin 😱)

If you don't know how to use Gradle, follow this simple tutorial

If you have any problem/question/doubt do not hesitate asking on the jogl forums or StackOverflow or open an issue here

In case you find the above samples too complex or difficult to understand, I strongly suggest you to start from scratch with a jogl tutorial, such as modern-jogl-examples. The original C tutorial it's ported from, it's one of the best, if not the best, out there.