The results from a short survey I ran on the use of "guys"
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errorbars.R Basic error bars Dec 28, 2013

Hey guys! The guys. A Java guy?

These are the results from a short survey I ran on the use of "guys".

You can see the survey questions, and possibly still reply.

About 2300 people answered the survey in all. The results (minus email addresses) are in a CSV in this repository.

Here's a summary of the survey results. I've split it up by gender: I asked each person "Do you identify as a woman?", so I've split the categories into "Women", and "Men + Other".

You can also see the IPython notebook that I used to generate the graph, and a blog post where I write a bit about the motivations and my thoughts.

If you come up with other views on this data, I'd be interested in hearing about it.