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2012-09-18 Gradle Android Plugin Developers <>
* Keep methods that could be used as click event handlers.
* Added support for generating
* Made sure resources from JAR dependencies get included in APK, as well
* Fixed retrieval of password when typed during the build
* Fixed issue of signing the app with a JDK 7.0
* Fixed NumberFormatException a second place
* Fixed NumberFormatException with sdk 20.0.x
* Update to support r20
* Add integration test assertions for debuggable flag
* Use signing.signPom instead of signPom as the latter is deprecated already
* Ignore jarlist.cache file
* Corrected `downloadJavadocs` entry to simply `downloadJavadoc` (without the "s")
* Changed package of OperatingSystem class from internal.nativeplatform to internal.os
* Added shawnlauzon's fix for #52, which he reported in #53.
* Avoiding Gradle internal class ConventionTask and replaced it with DefaultTask. Using fileTree method that provides parameters as Map to fix deprecation message.
* Also enable debug packages for SDK versions 8 through 13
* When making a debug package, make it debuggable
2011-12-15 Gradle Android Plugin Developers <>
* Version 1.1.0 released!
* Gradle Android Plugin is now in Maven Central!
* Group ID is now org.gradle.api.plugins
* Artifact ID is now gradle-android-plugins
* Support for Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich", R14+
* Support for Discobot
2011-08-11 Gradle Android Plugin Developers <>
* Version 1.0.0 released!
* Generate Eclipse projects with "gradle eclipse"
* Use proguard.cfg for ProGuard configuration
* ProGuard is automatically enabled in Scala projects
* Ability to start Android emulator with Gradle
* Instrumentation tests support; also contains support for Zutubi test runner
* The plugin got some tests of itself; they can also serve as complete Gradle + Android project examples
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