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Openframe Processing extension

Author karlosgliberal Twitter (@patxangas)(

Contributor Jeremias Volker

This extension runs interactive Processing sketches on a Raspberry Pi within Openframe – "an open source platform for artists, curators and art enthusiasts to share, discover and display digital art".


First follow this guide:

Then, enter via the command line: openframe -i openframe-processing

This extension is based on processing-java. When Processing artwork is selected in the web app, the artwork gets downloaded to the Raspberry Pi where it's going to be compiled and run.

How to upload Processing artwork?

First, follow the Openframe guide on how to set up an Openframe and to display artwork:

Then, in the web app

  1. Click Add Artwork
  2. Make sure you give your artwork a title
  3. Use openframe-processing as artwork format
  4. Enter the URL to your artwork into the field URL where the artwork is hosted. So far it supports URLs to PDE or ZIP files with packaged sketches. If you package your sketch using ZIP make sure the ZIP file is named the same as the sketch.
  5. Optionally enter a URL to a preview image of the sketch which is especially useful if you like to publish your artwork.
  6. Select the artwork by clicking the push to frame button


fullscreen The extension loads all sketches in fullscreen by default. For some sketches this might not be useful. To disable fullscreen add the following to the options property of the artwork in the database:

  "fullscreen": false

The Openframe webapp currently doesn't support this. But it's possible with the API explorer.

Where to host artwork?

Currently, you have to upload your artwork to a publicly reachable webspace. If you don't have a webspace/server you could, as one out of many options, try Dropbox. Once it's uploaded to Dropbox, use the Copy Dropbox Link. You will end up with a URL like this Change the 0 at the end to 1 like this, and you will be able to use the URL for Openframe.


  • hide cursor at all times (even when mouse is moved)
  • support for contributed libraries
  • support for precompiled sketches
  • add unit tests


Thanks to Jonathan Wohl and Isaac Bertran for this amazing project

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