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Chef cookbook for logstash
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Configures logstash cluster - shipper nodes, message brokers, indexers, index hosts and a web host


java, elasticsearch, rabbitmq


Tested on:

  • Ubuntu 10.04



Collects logs from sources definied in attributes (currently limited to files, or syslog messages), ships these to the broker.


Runs AMQP (RabbitMQ)


Collects logs from Broker, and inserts these into index (elasticsearch)


Runs Elasticsearch


Exposes the logstash Web UI, connected to the Index's elasticsearch instance.

Resources and Providers


  • logstash['directory'] - Directory to install logstash into. Defaults to '/opt/logstash'
  • logstash['broker_role'] - the name of the role that's used to configure Broker nodes. Defaults to 'logstash-broker'
  • logstash['index_role'] - the name of the role that's used to configure Index nodes. defaults to 'logstash-index'
  • logstash['url'] - URL to download logstash.
  • logstash['version'] - version of logstash to download
  • logstash['checksum'] = 'checksum of the logstash download'

  • logstash['grok']['url'] = 'URL to download grok'

  • logstash['grok']['version'] - 'grok version'
  • logstash['grok']['checksum'] - 'grok checksum'

  • logstash['syslog_server'] - whether or not this (shipper) host should listen for syslog messages. Default is false

  • logstash['syslog']['debug'] - whether or not to enable debugging on the syslog input. Defaults to false
  • logstash['syslog']['listen'] - Interface(s) to listen for syslog messages. Defaults to ''
  • logstash['syslog']['port'] - Port for syslog to listen on (TCP and UDP). Defaults to 514
  • logstash['syslog']['type'] - logstash input type, for filters. Defaults to 'syslog'


The logstash cluster must have at least one shipper, broker, indexer and index node. These roles can all exist on a single server, or all on separate servers. Optionally, you can add a web ui node using the web recipe.

On nodes you want to collect logs from,

include_recipe "logstash::shipper"

This will install a logstash instance which will tail files defined in the node's logstash['files'] array. If the node's syslog_server attribute is set to 'true', the node will also listen for syslog messages.

To setup a broker node,

include_recipe "logstash::broker"

To setup an indexer node,

include_recipe "logstash::indexer"

The indexer will connect to the broker host, fetch logs from the broker's queue and add them to elasticsearch

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